iOS 10 Jailbreak Rumors: Elcomsoft discovery aids Pangu, hackers to breach Apple security

iOS 10 Jailbreak Rumors: Elcomsoft discovery aids Pangu, hackers to breach Apple security
Mira iOS 10 beta 1 con Jailbreak usando Cydia en un vídeo iphonedigital / Flickr CC
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Coming up with an iOS 10 jailbreak will be pretty tough to do with Apple rolling out iOS 10.0.2. Not all Apple device owners have likely upgraded to the latest mobile operating system, leaving a slight window of opportunity for jailbreakers.


A lot of the attention has been on Pangu and TaiG though both have been thwarted several times by Apple. However, an independent group may have given the two groups a break with a security flaw discovery.

The security updates on the iOS 10 updates have been curious but thanks to Elcomsoft, new hope lies on the horizon. Thanks to Elcomsoft, the group was able to bypass some security checks on iOS 10 which make it plausible to come up with an iOS 10 jailbreak, according to a report from Forbes.

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Elcomsoft was able to key in around six million different passwords per second using mobile jailbreaking software. That was a far cry from the 2,400 entries they were able to do on iOS 9.

It should be noted that Elcomsoft managed to do this only on a local iTunes backups. Should hackers gain access, they can prey on information on the backed up data such as personal information and bank details, according to a report from Fortune.

Apple Aware Of The Breach

Elcomsoft’s discovery has already been acknowledged by Apple. This may imply that there’s another potential patch coming out soon. That said, it pushes Pangu and TaiG further out as far as getting an iOS 10 jailbreak out in the open.

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For the meantime, Apple suggests using the FileVault feature which is pertinent on the macOS Sierra. This works by asking the user a login to encrypt the whole disk over a login password after which it generates a recovery key.

If Apple owners prefer to do it that old fashioned way, the best route is to employ stronger passwords. Until Apple comes out with a new OS update (possibly iOS 10.0.3), this is the simplest but best thing to resort to for now.

Better chances of an iOS 10 jailbreak soon?

As for an iOS 10 jailbreak? Pangu and TaiG were given a shot in the arm though as before, time is not on their side.

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