Indian TV Network In Trouble For Showing Homosexual Encounter In ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Indian TV Network In Trouble For Showing Homosexual Encounter In ‘Grey’s Anatomy’
Day 3 Morgan / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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A television network in India received an official complaint for showing a homosexual encounter from the popular American TV show “Grey’s Anatomy.” The video in question did not show the actual act, though. It was just a female character talking about a sexual encounter with another lady to a male doctor.


While no display of skin was involved in the scene, it went against the broadcasting guidelines of Indian TV. Callie Torres, a bisexual character in the show, talked to male surgeon Sloane about her previous night encounter with Erica. The reaction she received by the doctor was not good, and so was the response from viewers.

Homosexuality is still illegal in India, and any TV series that shows content with sex, drugs, nudity and anything against government policy can be sued. This has been the case with “Grey’s Anatomy,” which was just airing an episode from 2008 season 5 in Star World.

India’s Broadcasting Content Complains sent a notice to the TV network after they received the complaint. The episode in question was aired June this year. BCCC, a self-regulatory body set by the Indian Broadcasting Foundation, has asked the channel to send a reply before December 1.

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A senior BCCC member told The Times of India, “Keeping Indian audiences in mind, we felt that the scenes were not tasteful. So we have asked [the network] to respond.”

The Indian Broadcasting Foundation is known to be the authority that removes scenes from shows in the context of being vulgar. They have censored many American shows and reduced their content. In many cases, some words were muted and subtitles contained explanations that are politically correct. “Game of Thrones” had fallen victim to such editing. The final episode was reduced by half.