India-Pakistan War: Russia Prepares Missiles To Attack Pakistan’s Enemies? NATO On Alert

India-Pakistan War: Russia Prepares Missiles To Attack Pakistan’s Enemies? NATO On Alert
Vladimir Putin Presidential Press and Information Office / Wikimedia Commons cc
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Several nations are on edge as Russia reportedly started preparing its missiles without a hint of who will be the target. As Russia finds itself at odds with Western nations and NATO, there are growing concerns that Europe could be within the target range. Will Russia conquer Europe in the next World War?


Russia just reportedly issued an alarming warning to the West saying that it has spread its influence across Asia especially given the two-week military drill with Pakistan. It will be the first time that two enemies from the Cold War era will be doing training exercises together.

Russia Prepares Missiles to Attack

Apart from this, Vladimir Putin’s soldiers are reportedly testing their ability to launch the latest ballistic missile in the eastern part of the country. There will be around 200 troops – 70 Russian and 130 Pakistani – that will be part of the Friendship 2016 war games.

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According to Express, the exercises will begin on Saturday and will be held in a mountainous area in the eastern Punjab province of Pakistan. The exercises are seen as a signal of the shifting alliances and forces in the South Asia region including the resurgence of Russian influence.

NATO’s Move

As NATO made it clear that it sees Russia as a threat, the alliance is now reviewing ‘nuclear playbook’ to deter ‘terrible attacks’ by Russia, according to the Pentagon chief.

“Russia has long been a nuclear power, but Moscow’s recent saber-rattling and building of new nuclear weapons systems raises serious questions about its leaders’ commitment to strategic stability, their regard for long-established accords of using nuclear weapons and whether they respect the profound caution that Cold War era leaders showed in respect to brandishing their nuclear weapons,” RT quoted Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

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  • Jerry

    They only had one drill, and one of many 7 days ago with the US. This is not going to affect much as they were enemies before and one drill does not exactly break the ice, nor destroys relationship with the US. Russia( before this Soviet Union) was and is major allie of India. It would not be beneficial to Russia to decrease relationship with India for Pakistan.

    • khanji

      Yes Jerry, everyone is india’s friend, everyone needs india and india is the greatest gift to humanity. Enough of this BS. Do you think Putin is happy that India has become the dog of America? Do you think China is more important to Russia or new American puppy india? Everyone will just over look what India is doing switching loyalties but because they are so attractive, others won’t. Get real!