iMessages on Android Devices? PieMessage Makes It Possible!

iMessages on Android Devices? PieMessage Makes It Possible!
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Call him a hacker, call him a software developer, but Eric Chee is your guy is you want to swap your iPhone for an Android and continue to receive iMessages on your smart phone! With the help of his PieMessage Project, now anyone can get iMessages, meant exclusively for Apple-powered devices, on their Android phones.


The Verge has broken down the step-by-step mechanism/procedure for your convenience:

  • One needs to have AppleScript installed to capture the iMessages from the Mac device.
  • Then the availability of a Java app is a must that acts as an anchor between the Android and the Mac devices.
  • The next step is for a Java Server to transport the messages collected by the Java app, from your Mac device to the Android one. This also means that the Mac device always needs to be connected to the internet via a constantly running OS X, as long as one wishes for the PieMessage to work.
  • Lastly, a customized Android message app through which the iMessages would be displayed on one’s Android device.

The fact that PieMessage uses a custom API that can be later used by other ambitious developers to further the technology is a testimony to how easily technology can be molded to fit all devices, despite the existing rivalry between big brands. For all we know, this technology can be enhanced in the future to a point when iMessages may be received on Laptops and PCs alike, even those powered by Windows.

As of now, PieMessage also has certain limitations. Eric Chee disclosed to 9to5Mac that while group messages from iMessages could be received, they could not be replied to. There were other glitches such as images sent on iMessages were not displayed on the Android device and the fact that one had to recognize a who they were conversing with by one’s phone number or mail ID instead of one’s name.

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Eric Chee, who goes by the name bboyairwreck has boldly put it out there that he is inviting help from the public in order to tidy up his project.

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