Ilene Chaiken Talks About Future Of ‘Empire’ Season 3

Ilene Chaiken Talks About Future Of ‘Empire’ Season 3
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“Empire” season 3 is high on tempo as Lucious Lyon played by Terrence Howard is out of jail. At the same time, the war between Empire and Lyon Dynasty is on. Lyon Dynasty isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and it is clear from the dinner scene. The showrunner, Ilene Chaiken, has confirmed, “The gauntlet has been thrown down and that conflict will only intensify.”


As per Empire season 3 spoilers, the dinner scene in episode six is going to be massive. Cookie turns up at the restaurant in the hopes that there will be a hookup with Lucious. However, to her surprise he got engaged to Anika. Cookie in the script had to turn over the table. According to Ilene, “This is maybe too much — there’s so much happening in this scene that Cookie doesn’t need to actually turn over the table.”

Ilene has also mentioned about a fabulous moment to end the scene. She puts it, “But I do want to turn over a table one day.”

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When asked about Lyon Dynasty and the relationship between Cookie and Hakeem, Chaiken said, “Yes. They both are passionate, each for his or her own reason. They both have a lot to prove. Hakeem really feels passed over — his entire life objective is to prove to everyone, even his mother, who’s now his partner, that Lucious chose the wrong son, and that he’s been overlooked and underestimated.”

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The showrunner of “Empire” season 3 was also asked: does Lucious still want Hakeem back after he left for Lyon Dynasty? The answer was,He wants his family under his control and he wants to own Hakeem. I think in his heart, he’s always believed in his talent and needed to teach him a lesson, but really still wants that artist and that son to be under his own thumb so he can make him into the artist and man that he thinks he ought to be.”

According to the showrunner, the show is going to have its ups and downs in terms of drama and flavor in the lives of the characters. Stay tuned as we bring you more “Empire” season 3 spoilers right here.