Iggy Azalea On Other Artists: ‘They’re Jealous Of My Sales!’

Iggy Azalea On Other Artists: ‘They’re Jealous Of My Sales!’
Iggy Azalea performing at teh Converse Get Dirty Festival in Austria, April 2013. Julia Altenburger/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0
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Iggy Azalea is back, and so is her confidence. She may have suffered a “psychotic breakdown” last year, hampering her ability to pursue her music career, but she is confident that her sales and level of success still trump those of her adversaries.


Posing topless for Remix magazine, she confidently addressed the question as to why her fellow artists are dissing her. According to her, jealousy is the main reason. “The artists that criticize me don’t have as much success as me, so I think it gets them riled up, because they’re not selling as much as I am.”

She clarified that the amount of record sales she has speaks volume of what she can do and what her rivals cannot. “I honestly think that’s what it boils down to…I don’t want to say it’s just people being jealous, but I do think the level of success I’ve had and how many fans I have and the amount of records I sell does have a lot to do with it,” she explained.

In the same interview, she said that with her comeback this year, she is focusing on her own taste in music. She said her first album did not have her touch. “I love The New Classic, I think it’s a great album,” she said. “But I do think I lost myself in it a bit because I was so concerned with other people’s opinions.”

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In another one of her recent interviews, Azalea said last year was so bad for her that she contemplated killing herself by driving off the cliffs as she drove through the canyons. She said so many people have negative opinions about her.