#IfIWonPowerball Goes Viral… What Would You Do With $1.5 Billion?

#IfIWonPowerball Goes Viral… What Would You Do With $1.5 Billion?
Powerball Christopher / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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What's This?

The hashtag #IfIWonPowerball went viral Wednesday after the day’s Powerball jackpot soared to approximately $1.5 billion. What would you do with all that money?


It all began after Jimmy Fallon tweeted the following:

NFL owners approved St Louis Rams’ relocation to Los Angeles late on Tuesday. The Rams are paying the NFL $500 million to relocate. ESPN answered the billion-dollar question: how many NBA franchises can $1.5 billion buy? If you win the Powerball jackpot tonight, you could buy any franchise except the Lakers ($2.6B), Knicks ($2.5B), Bulls ($2B), Celtics ($1.7B) and Clippers ($1.6B).

It would require at least two lottery victories to purchase these soccer giants: Real Madrid ($3.2B), Barcelona ($3.16B) and Manchester United ($3.10B).

Here’s another amazing figure: the top 23 highest-paid athletes of 2015 made a combined $1.48 billion!

Tweeters found the perfect opportunity to express their respective desires if any of them were to hit the jackpot. Let’s go over some of these enjoyable tweets:

This woman would shower herself with puppies!

This Mexican would experience a lifetime of serotonin release!

Many ways to interpret this one…

This guy has no reason to feel optimistic…

The Colonel is keeping it strictly professional…

This festival would finally be able to afford Nickelback!


And finally…

What would you do if you lucked out? Use the hashtag #IfIWonPowerball to join in the fun!