IBM’s New Partnership With Facebook Focuses On Social Media Advertising

IBM’s New Partnership With Facebook Focuses On Social Media Advertising
Sticky IBM ChrisDag / Flickr CC BY 2.0

IBM has signed a contract with Facebook. The tie-up will result to more Facebook ads being sold among IBM’s huge roster of Fortune 500 companies.


The two companies announced their alignment on May 6. The companies believe that with Facebook‘s existing ads, they can target more using IBM’s line of tools. Together, they can create a better scope for retailers.

IBM Commerce THINKLab is likely to be joined by Facebook. The think tank consists of researchers, designers and experts who help companies craft campaigns that are experimental and exceptional.

Retail data, while combined with the history of items viewed by users of Facebook, will allow the two companies to generate ads that are more user-specific and personalized. This means retailers will place ads on Facebook feeds of products you have viewed earlier to get optimal results.

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Online advertising has already been personalized with the cookie system, which stores data in the user’s device and generates ads accordingly.

IBM is high with marketing ambitions these days, and like many other companies, it wants its own market share by entering social media. The company has already invested $1 billion for its cloud version for artificial intelligence.

The tie-up has always been expected, as Facebook is the largest social media platform people follow. Add the fact that IBM is trying to make its tools more appropriate for social media.

In the past, IBM was involved in a lot of partnership deals, some being really significant. One major deal involves selling custom cloud apps with Apple. Other partnerships were with Twitter and Tencent. It has also renewed its partnership with SAP.