‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 357 Spoilers: Hisoka Dies, Chrollo Emerges As Final Villain?

‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 357 Spoilers: Hisoka Dies, Chrollo Emerges As Final Villain?
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Whether or not Hisoka dies in “Hunter x Hunter” Chapter 357, one thing is certain: this is going to be a bloody chapter.


Online anime guide website Hall of Fame Magazine has hinted that the battle between The Troupe’s leader, Chrollo, and the black magician Hisoka would end in a tragic note. It was noted that Chrollo had the chance to take a last glance as Hisoka was battling death.

It can be recalled that the grueling fight between the two started in the previous chapters, especially in chapter 352 when Hisoka asked Chrollo if he’s still interested in pursuing the fight. Despite Hisoka’s persistence, Chrollo remained uninterested.

Several reports, especially one from Manga Helpers, provided a glimpse of Chrollo’s evil plan and Hisoka’s dark fate. Hisoka, meanwhile, was clueless that he was actually putting himself in a disadvantageous situation by persisting to have a duel with Chrollo, who’s not backing up whenever provoked.

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Going back to what’s going to happen in “Hunter x Hunter,” after seeing that Hisoka’s in a total mess, Chrollo then rushed and approached the magician at a speed of light, slitting the victim’s neck, rendering Hisoka lifeless.

HOF added that after causing such damage to Hisoka, Chrollo pulls out its book then wrote “A dead person could no longer use Nen; so how about snatching it for good?” with Hisoka’s name on the end of the page.

The big question now: is Hisoka actually dead? Although basing from how the fight between Chrollo and Hisoka turned out, it would be safe to assume that the magician is already dead. The HOF, however, noted that it’s only speculation and is based on their analysis.

The Bit Bag, meanwhile, reveals in a report that some fans of the manga refuse to believe that Hisoka will disappear that way.

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