‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 353 Spoiler: Chrollo & Hisoka Ordeal

‘Hunter X Hunter’ Chapter 353 Spoiler: Chrollo & Hisoka Ordeal
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In the upcoming Hunter X Hunter Chapter 353 manga, much of the discussion focused on the powers and abilities of Chrollo, Phantom Troupe’s leader. But what’s interesting in this chapter is Chrollo’s evil plan.


It can be recalled in the previous chapter that Chrollo and the magician Hisoka were embroiled in an altercation. It was in the same chapter where Chrollo asked Hisoka if the latter is still interested to pursue the fight. Although it was clear from the very beginning that Chrollo showed no interest in the fight, Hisoka remained persistent.

Now, going back to some of the most compelling predictions of this chapter, followers of the Hunter X Hunter manga believe it’s highly likely that Chrollo is planning to switch bodies with Hisoka – the highlight of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 353.

According to a discussion from Manga Helpers, Chrollo’s preoccupation with corpses and even a detailed preview of Chrollo’s abilities are prequel to what’s going to happen in the succeeding chapter. But what would happen after Chrollo successfully switched bodies with the magician Hisoka?

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The Hall of Fame Magazine has an answer: he will kill Hisoka right after. It added that it’s possible that Chrollo would kill Hisoka by injuring the body while he’s on it. But as to when Chrollo going to do it, no one really knows.

Hisoka, intrigued by Chrollo’s magical book, has been plotting to find the right time to carry out the mission. However, Chrollo is not sitting in the corner doing nothing. It was said that Chrollo is buying time, and to avoid an attack, he would go in a crowded place to deter any attacks from Hisoka, who would probably think twice making a move in a crowded place.

To have a quick glimpse of what would transpire in the encounter between the two, it was said that Hisoka would use his trademark power, Bungee Gum, to snatch Chrollo’s book while the latter is busy repelling his attacks.

This, according to some reports, would trigger Chrollo to unleash its secret power: its ability to switch bodies. The question now is, how would Hisoka escape from that situation?

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