Hungarian Camerawoman Suing Syrian Refugee She Tripped Deliberately

Hungarian Camerawoman Suing Syrian Refugee She Tripped Deliberately

Petra Laszlo, the Hungarian camerawoman who earned the fury of the world when she deliberately tripped a Syrian refugee holding a child, said she is suing him and Facebook. Laszlo is suing Osama Abdul Mohsen, the Syrian refugee she kicked, because she thinks he is lying.


“He changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police. My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it is now a matter of honor,” Laszlo was quoted as saying by Mashable, citing a Russian newspaper.

As reported by Morning News USA in September, Laszlo tripped Mohsen as the latter fled the police while clutching his son near the Hungarian border. Mohsen was attempting to travel to Europe. A journalist who was also covering the incident was able to film the actual moment Laszlo kicked Mohsen on the foot. The man and his son fell to the ground.

Laszlo was immediately fired from her work and had since been the most hated woman in social media as two other clips emerged showing her kicking other refugees, including a young girl. She apologized afterwards, saying that she only felt threatened by the multitudes of refugees running towards her, Morning News USA also reported back in September.

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Mohsen, on the other hand, had already moved on. An owner of a soccer school in Spain saw the video and discovered that he was a former soccer coach. Mohsen was offered a job at the school and his family was also brought in the country. (Read the full story.)

Meanwhile, a shame page for Laszlo was created on Facebook. This is one of the reasons why Laszlo is planning to also sue Facebook. She claimed that Facebook does not ban hate pages against her, as well as death threats posted against her while those pages supporting her were banned from the platform.

In a message posted on the Facebook shame page for Laszlo, the admin said she created the page to seek justice for the refugees she kicked. The admin said she finds it funny and shocking that Laszlo is thinking of suing. The admin added that the page was not responsible for the death threats Laszlo is receiving.

One commenter called Laszlo a monster. The commenter said that it is her lack of compassion that is ruining her life at present and that she only deserves it.