Human Flesh, Heads & Feet Scattered In Aftermath Of Beirut Bombing

Human Flesh, Heads & Feet Scattered In Aftermath Of Beirut Bombing
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Witnesses of the Beirut bombing on Thursday that killed 43 people and wounded 239 others recounted the harrowing scenes of the aftermath. Human flesh splattered on streets, heads and feet scattered everywhere in the outcome of the suicide bombing claimed to have been executed by the ISIS in the name of religion.


According to one witness who has spoken with The Guardian, a first bomb exploded near a bakery while people were passing through the street. It was after sunset prayers and people were going home from the mosque. The second bomb exploded just minutes after about 50 meters away from the first explosion. “There were bodies on the ground, on cars, on motorcycles. On the floor there were bodies, flesh fragments, heads and feet,” the witness recalled.

One man who was interviewed by a local TV channel was still wearing clothes soaked with blood. He said he immediately rushed to the sound of the bombing and was able to rescue four victims, carrying them to safety.

“The area is always crowded and the buildings are right next to each other, and people have been killed by glass and bricks falling on them. If it was a bigger explosion, hundreds could have died. When I got there was flesh scattered at the scene, chaos, destruction, broken glass, broken balconies,” one witness told The Guardian.

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CNN reported that a failed suicide bomber confessed to authorities that he was recruited by the ISIS. The man who has yet to be identified is a Lebanese national from Tripoli, Lebanon. He confessed that he and three other suicide bombers arrived in Lebanon from Syria two days before they conducted the bombing.

The ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement spread across on different social media channels. The statement said a first bomber detonated a bomb on a motorcycle parked in the neighborhood. The second bomber wore a suicide vest and detonated it among the crowd who responded to the first bomb.

The ISIS said the bombings were aimed at killing Shia Muslims. The two bombers were identified as Palestinians while the other was Syrian. The third suicide bomber died before he could even detonate the bomb in his vest.