Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Secret Past As A Teenage Witch Revealed; Still Practicing Dark Magic?

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Secret Past As A Teenage Witch Revealed; Still Practicing Dark Magic?
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30-year old Ukranian Valeria Lukyanova, dubbed The Human Barbie shared her secret past as a teenage witch. Recently claimed that she hasn’t changed since she was 14, aside from her appearance, is she also implying that she still practices dark magic?


Lukyanova has gained notoriety, and criticisms, due to her appearance resembling a Barbie doll. She recently shared pictures of her before undergoing plastic surgery.

Aside from highlighting the changes in her appearance, fans were shocked to find out that The Human Barbie was a witch. The picture shows her clad in a long black dress standing in a ring of fire in the forest.

According to the Daily Mail, she appears to be holding an upside down crucifix with what seems to be blood. Lukyanova says that she was a Goth for a long time. Exactly how long is unclear, she may still be conducting rituals for all we know.

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This revelation is news to many especially for those who have followed the Odessan Barbie since her rise to fame. Posting pictures of her resembling the popular doll has gained attention ranging from admiration to outright criticism.

According to her she posted her teenage pictures to prove that her body and appearance are all natural. Aside from breast augmentation, Valeria Lukyanova claims her body has never changed since she was 14.

Her slim figure is also due to a strict diet consisting of raw fish and fresh fruit juice. She also undergoes a punishing workout in order to maintain her Barbie-like proportions.

Her other photos from her teenage years show her wearing a bikini and sitting on the beach as well as a laced up top standing behind a wall. Both definitely show that she does indeed possess a tiny waist.

While this has killed all rumors regarding her plastic surgery, her revelation that she was once a witch has given rise to new ones. Whether Valeria Lukyanova practiced dark magic or not, the thought practicing it is indeed a little unnerving.

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