Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton Aide: Husband Anthony Weiner Sexting Continues

Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton Aide: Husband Anthony Weiner Sexting Continues
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Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin is the wife of Anthony Weiner, former politician who got involved in a sexting controversy in 2013.


Weiner destroyed his own mayoral campaign in 2013 by getting involved in a sexting scandal with a woman named Sydney Leathers. He texted her with the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.” In recent reports, it was noted that Leathers accused the politician of sexting another woman.

Leathers made the accusation on a website called Washington Babylon, in a report on the recent documentary Weiner. “In fact, I am certain his behavior continues to this day because a woman who claims to be one of his current sexting partners has reached out to me for advice,” Leathers wrote.

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Leathers leaked her Weiner story in 2013, but she advised the mystery woman not to go public with this issue. According to her, the mystery woman was thinking about going to the press. But Leathers asked her not to do that for it may affect “future employment, relationships with friends and families.”

Leahters also said that Hillary Clinton’s aide’s husband contacted the mystery woman through Facebook and Skype. At first she thought it was fake, but she came across the same Facebook profile Weiner used to contact Leathers.

She said Weiner isn’t a person who would talk about the weather. He would keep the “vanilla stuff” on Facebook and use “Carlos Danger” for other stuff.

In a recent interview, Abedin opened up about the first time she met her husband. It was at a Democratic National Committee retreat on Martha’s Vineyard in 2001. According to People, she said that their first meeting did not go well. At that time, her mind was absolutely focused on work, so their first meeting ended with only a “hello.”

Leathers found it ridiculous when people said that Abedin is still with Weiner because she is Muslim. She asked whether Hillary Clinton is Muslim, since her husband’s flings are also common knowledge.

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