Hulk Hogan WWE Comeback: Vince McMahon Desperate To Improve Ratings, Earn More Dollars?

Hulk Hogan WWE Comeback: Vince McMahon Desperate To Improve Ratings, Earn More Dollars?
Hulk Hogan Megan Elice Meadows / Flickr 2.0
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There is no official word regarding a potential Hulk Hogan return though it may be a matter of time. As most know, the WWE is aching to improve the ratings for both shows.


Pay-per-views are a prime source to help that area and the best way to do that is to bring back old stars. Hogan was dismissed earlier this year due to a racial slur issue plus a sex video but all that has somehow died. Hence, it comes to no surprise that the “Hulkster” may eventually return to the WWE soon.

Vince McMahon needs Hulk Hogan

Though he may deny it, the fact is Hogan is still a big draw even if he is already way past his prime. The 63-year-old and many-time WWE heavyweight champion has been quietly riding out the storm while the WWE tries to find ways to raise its stock.

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The attention has focused on the rising stars like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Finn Balor as of late. But somehow, the effort has not reaped dividends. The fact remains that the WWE legends are still needed, even if they are not actively participating in matches.

Former WWE great speaks on revenue issue

For those who know their WWE history well, “Jumping” Jim Brunzel may be a familiar name. He is best known as one-half of the “Killer Bees” and is now engaged in a lawsuit with the WWE.

The lawsuit has to do with some concussion during his prime. He recalls one match where he improvised on a certain match due to a third-degree concussion. Apparently, McMahon wasn’t pleased with the move and seen as one reason why the WWE CEO went off.

Hogan’s case is different as McMahon and company try to appease fans for his mistakes. But at some point, he will return as the WWE tries to keep its popularity and stock up.

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