Hugh Grosvenor Unfit To Be Duke Of Westminster? Wild Secrets Revealed

Hugh Grosvenor Unfit To Be Duke Of Westminster? Wild Secrets Revealed
Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London. Pixabay
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Hugh Grosvenor, the new Duke of Westminster is now the third richest man in Britain and 68th richest in the world. After the death of his father Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, he has become the 7th Duke.


The youngster at 25 has inherited his father’s 9 million pounds wealth and also his title. This apart, Hugh Grosvenor is also inherited his dad’s estate Eaton Hall near Chester.

But, his wealth will mostly be intact because the majority of the estate is kept in trust accounts, which are tax exempt. Hugh Grosvenor will avoid paying billions of pounds in inheritance tax due to legal loopholes, Mirror UK reports.

But, this good looking godfather of Prince George is reportedly a party animal and has a few dark secrets of his own.

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New pictures of the single Hugh show him partying with friends as they embrace a sex doll, The Sun reports.

However, Hugh Grosvenor now has a new responsibility of managing the family’s whopping property portfolio, which is jokingly referred to as including “half of London.” If the new duke is what he was in college, then he has to be ready for constant paparazzi glare on him.

He is reportedly a media shy man, and keeps a low profile. But his college pictures show him posing with women with a beaming smile.

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There are also pictures of him at a pyjama party, relaxing with friends at a Newcastle club holding booze, Mirror UK reports. A former student of Newcastle University, he is now the most eligible bachelor in UK.

In 2012, Hugh Grosvenor made headlines with a multi-million dollar birthday bash when he turned 21. The extravagant birthday party had 800 guests including Prince Harry.

The 5 million pound party was held at the family’s Eaton estate amid tight security. No media persons were allowed.

Comedian Michael McIntyre and band Rizzle Kicks were the headline entertainers for guests. There was flow of champagne with majority of the attendees being estate staff.

He was working as an account manager at London eco-coffee firm Bio-bean until now. The Newcastle University grad went on to attend private day school Ellesmere College in Shropshire.

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