‘HTC One A9’ To Offer Customers 30-Day Trial

‘HTC One A9’ To Offer Customers 30-Day Trial
HTC One A9 Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0

On Tuesday, HTC launched an unlocked edition of “One A9,” which is the only Android smartphone that will be getting updates from Google in just 15 days after the Nexus devices. This phone will run on the latest operating system, Android Marshmallow.


HTC claims that One A9 has got all the elements right and with a super-thin metal frame, it sets a new standard for design. The USP of this device is that the company has targeted smartphone purists with HTC One A9. How? Without voiding warranty, they will be able to unlock the phone’s bootloader software.

HTC America president Jason Mackenzie said that the ability to “unlock the phone’s bootloader software” will give tech experts freedom to do so without penalty. He also claims that One A9 is the best smartphone the company has launched in years. Another unique promotional strategy the company is using is a 30-day trial. Emphasizing on the strategy, Mackenzie said, “If you don’t like it, send it back.”

HTC is trying to strike a balance between iPhones and “pure” Android. Shedding some light on it, Mackenzie said,”When you buy your next smartphone, you have tons of choice and tons of product and no choice at all. On the one hand you can buy another iPhone… a guarantee you’ll be shackled to a company that decides your mobile life. On the other platform, there’s Android smartphones, and too many are littered with duplicative services and bloatware and are clunky and overly complicated. It leaves you feeling you have no choice.”

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HTC One A9 will be available next month and will work with AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint networks. At a later date, after the software upgrade, this device will also be compatible with Verizon Wireless Network.