How To Rent The Apple Watch For A Week

How To Rent The Apple Watch For A Week
Apple Watch, courtesy of Apple
Apple Watch How To Rent The Apple Watch For A Week
Apple Watch, courtesy of Apple

Users who want to try the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Steel before making the big purchase can first rent both smartwatches for a week. This is made possible by the business model implemented by startup Lumoid.


Rent Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Steel

The Apple Watch Sport can be rented for $45, with $25 of it serving as initial payment if the renter decides to purchase the item. The Apple Watch Steel, on the other hand, can be rented for $55, with $30 being the initial payment.

Lumoid was launched early this year. Its business models allow customers to choose up to five devices they can try at home for a week. The process will allow them time to decide whether they are ready to make the purchase or not.

The company is renting out video and photo gears. Under the wearable devices category, Lumoid is also renting out the Pebble smartwatch, the Fitbit Surge and the Samsung Gear Fit.

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The startup saw a very high conversion rate between renting and purchasing since they started. Customers particularly like the business model where they can test-drive wearables before deciding which one to buy.

In the case of the Apple Watch, a company spokesperson explained that the smartwatch can be a hard sell, and that this is where Lumoid comes in.

“It’s easy to see how a phone or computer or tablets fits into your life, but a watch that reminds you to stand or helps you pay for your groceries can be a harder sell, especially when you only get to test it in the store,” the spokesperson told Mashable.

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Standard Return Policy

Apple has a Standard Return Policy in which unsatisfied buyers can return a product purchased from the U.S. Apple Online Store.

The policy stands provided the item will be returned not more than 14 calendar days from the date it was received. Also, only items purchased specifically from the U.S. Apple Online Store or from Apple Retail Stores can be returned. The items should be returned with all cords, adapters and documentations that come during purchase.

Opened software, Electronic Software Downloads, Software Up-to-Date Program Products, Apple Store Gift Cards, Apple Developer Connection Products and Apple Print Products are not eligible for return.

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