‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Eggs 911 Secret Revealed?

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Eggs 911 Secret Revealed?
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“How to Get Away With Murder” season 2 is getting more interesting with the character of Levi played by Matt Cohen entering the show. The major question these days is: is Rebecca related to Levi or not? If so, how?


Rebecca was killed by Bonnie in season 1 of “How to Get Away With Murder.” Just before the mishap, she sent a text to an unknown person that read “Eggs 911. Lawyer’s House.” When Michaela played by Aja Naomi King decided to text the mysterious number, it turned out that the person answered twice.

Levi bumped on Michaela and Connor for the first time in the courthouse in the second episode. At the same time, Levi’s photograph with Rebecca was revealed from a box.

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While all these are going on, Annalise is in trouble. The first episode saw her dealing with her law school flame and they could understand it was not over. There is a new case where an adopted brother and sister are accused of murdering their parents.

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In the latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder,” the aunt of the siblings and only witness is murdered.

As far as Nate’s case is concerned, Annalise finds herself a witness for both sides. She finds herself under the microscope. She wants to save Nate but having confessed about the whole story to Eve, she is in trouble. The judge ultimately orders Emily to re-frame the case properly and then start proceedings.

Annalise eventually meets Eve after the case and they both confess their feelings to each other.