How And When Will Marvel Bring The Wasp To The Big Screen?

How And When Will Marvel Bring The Wasp To The Big Screen?
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Compfight cc
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Wasp is going to hit the big screen soon. Before “Ant-Man” was released, it was quite clear that we will not see Wasp suiting up in the same movie along with the main hero. But now, after seeing Ant-Man, the question now is: when will they show Wasp?


It is not a secret anymore that Evangeline Lilly will play the Wasp. So when will we see her in that Wasp suit? The answer from Kevin Feige, head of Marvel studios, is something we can look forward to. He did not clearly mentioned when exactly they are planning to start shooting scenes with Wasp, but he pointed out clearly that we will not see her in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War.”

Wasp has already been introduced during mid-credits of “Ant-Man” where Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas, takes Hope Van Dyne, played by Lilly, to a secret room. There he reveals the suit of Wasp designed by her mother, Janet, the original Wasp.

However, according to Feige, it is still not the time for Wasp to be in the suit. They put the character out of Civil War particularly because it wouldn’t have given them the chance to highlight her character sufficiently, along with so many other characters.

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As revealed by Feige, Wasp will appear right in the third phase of Marvel Studio’s production list. As what is already known, the third phase will kick off next year with “Captain America: Civil War” hitting the screens until its conclusion in 2019, “Inhumans.”

So we are sure to catch Wasp between 2016 and 2019, but we don’t have any clues about where exactly she will fit in. But all in all, the third phase of Marvel is surely going to be a long and enjoyable phase for the fans.