Honda To Start Testing Self-Driving Cars With Permission Of California

Honda To Start Testing Self-Driving Cars With Permission Of California
Honda Ian Muttoo / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Honda, reputed automobile manufacturer, is now entering the market for self-driving cars. The company is not the first to do so, but considering its past records the automobile world have high expectations from this upcoming product. Will Honda’s self-driving car stand true to the expectations? Let’s wait till the company completes the tests.

Honda is another company that will now be added to the list of self-driving car manufacturer. According to a report from Reuters, Honda is the 10th company that has acquired approval to test-drive in California starting this Friday. Other well-known companies that have recevied approval from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to test their vehicles on public roads are:


1. Tesla,

2. Daimler AG’s Mercedes Benz,

3. Nissan Motor Co, and

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The company is believed to test autonomous vehicles and deploy driver assistance systems in its Acura and Honda models. The news of Honda deploying driver assistance systems in its Acura model can be 100% true as the company was seen displaying prototype Acura RLX last summer. This car on the display had all the sensors and features of a self-driving car.

How does approval make a difference?

Honda has now an approval to test its self-driving car, but it does not mean the company was not testing these cars before. With the approval of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Honda can begin testing its self-driving car on public roads, understanding and taking note of the car’s capability to perform in real-life driving conditions.

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What do self-driving cars do?

Self-driving cars replace real drivers with robotic drive systems. How does this help? Google, another self-driving car manufacturer, believes that this technology would help unclog crowded traffic routes and give people extra time to work even while commuting. This technology giant also believes that by 2020, the technology to build self-driving cars should be ready.

Honda certainly is not the first company to manufacture self-driving cars. But what the tech industry still finds exciting is the company’s entry into this sector. Honda is well-known for delivering excellent results and brilliant technology. It would be interesting to see what advanced technology or features Honda’s self-driving cars bring on the roads.

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