‘Homeland’ Spoilers Suggest More Trouble For Carrie Mathison In Season 5

‘Homeland’ Spoilers Suggest More Trouble For Carrie Mathison In Season 5
Claire Danes arrives at Tiff ’08 Premiere of Me and Orson Welles Chris Harte/Flickr CC BY 2.0
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“Homeland” has finally entered its season 5. The cast of the show is as enthusiastic about the plot and story of the new season as the viewers. This is what the cast members of the show have to tell about the “Homeland” spoilers.

Claire Danes, who is an integral part of the show, has said, “She’s out of the game. She’s in the private sector, and she’s working for a benevolent billionaire.” Carrie Mathison had an explosive event in the season 4 of “Homeland” and though she wants to live a peaceful life it will eventually not be possible.


Some new events are going to follow in her life. In Danes’s words, “In the beginning of the season, she is doing very well, she has a gorgeous, smart German lawyer boyfriend and she’s really connected to her child and she’s really happy … for about five minutes,” she mentioned that she will be kidnapped yet again.

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Danes has also added, “We were joking that Carrie should have a drawer full of kidnap hoods next to her delicates, she’s got so many. Some mesh, some jersey.”

Danes admitted that Carrie Mathison will be suspected of plotting against the CIA. She will be in a wrong position where it would be difficult for her to prove her innocence. Her former colleagues will also be in a state of dilemma and they may not even trust her. She will again be in a political hurdle that she wants to avoid.

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According to Alex  Gansa, the executive producer, “It’s about an intelligence officer at some level who needs to protect the world, but the truth is that the longevity of this series is going to be determined by Carrie’s emotional journey and how many times can we find a new story to tell for her.”

It’s possible that Carrie will get a new guy in her life and reconciliation with her former boyfriend is even not impossible.

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