‘Home And Away’ Spoilers: New Characters Will Be Introduced

‘Home And Away’ Spoilers: New Characters Will Be Introduced
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The new season of Home and Away is not going to start until next year. While much is not available in terms of “Home and Away” spoilers, there are some clues that were given out by the team.


The latest news from the cast is that Justin Morgan will be the new character in the show. The character of Morgan will be played by 40-year-old actor James Stewart. According to “Home and Away” spoilers, the Morgan brothers will be onscreen in 2016.

Stewart was seen in his casuals by the Summer Bay, shooting for his new role. He was away from television to raise his three-year-old daughter; now, he is back. There will be one more name added to the show, that of Elle Harris. She was also spotted with James Stewart on the set. New characters will possibly boost the show’s ratings.

“Home and Away” has brought a lot of surprises this season. Charlotte was killed in the final episode, but there were more to her character. Charlotte had an intimate scene with her student Matt Page earlier this year.

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Alec Snow, 23, who plays Matt, said that it was his first intimate scene with someone older to him. He mentioned, “To be honest, it was just a fun storyline and we just had fun with it. That is the outlook you have to have when doing [scenes like] that.”

Just like the intimate scene, “Home and Away” may have more in store for viewers next year. We will bring more “Home and Away” spoilers in the coming days and as the new year begins.

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