‘Home And Away’ Spoilers’ – Nate And Kat Decide To End Their Relationship

‘Home And Away’ Spoilers’ – Nate And Kat Decide To End Their Relationship

“Home and Away” fans have already started to ponder on where the plot will head into next week. So if you are one of those enthusiastic fans of the people in Summer Bay, here are some “Home and Away” spoilers for next week.  Read on to know how you are going to enjoy this drama series even more.


The first episode of next week will start with Ash and Denny, where Denny will force Ash to inform Ricky about Brax. Ricky also confesses his feelings for Nate to Denny. Kat and Nate plan to go on a trip together to work on their relationship while Ash and Kyle go for the kidney transplant.

In the next week we will also see Charlotte confiding to Andy about her love for Zac, the kidney transplantation ending in a success and the attention-seeking acts of Hunter which disrupts the relationship of Leah and Zac. This is going to be one of the major twists in the story next week and we can expect to see interesting drama there.

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By the middle of next week, we will see in “Home and Away” Matt, Oscar and Maddy hatching a plan to take Evie and Josh together, and finally, Leah and Zac decide to work out their relationship without calling it off. Hannah realizes her feelings for Chris but she finds him with someone else.

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Next week will end with Matt realizing his feelings for Maddy and the return of Nate and Kat from the trip with the acceptance that they are going to split.