‘Home And Away’ Prepares For Massive 2015 Finale

‘Home And Away’ Prepares For Massive 2015 Finale
Bikini Confident micadew / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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It’s that time of the year when we start thinking about the “Home and Away” finale. The show goes on a break every year around Christmas. This time, it will be heading for a finale that would be interesting.


The 2014 finale of the show had a shocking bus accident involving a lot of Summer Bay characters. In 2013, the season ended with a bomb blast. So what’s in store this year? The producer of “Home and Away,” Lucy Addario, answered this question for Inside Soap.

Addario said, “I’m really excited about this year’s season finale and I think it’s going to keep audiences guessing in a different way from previous years.” She also added, “The cliffhanger is something we haven’t done before, and the way it was filmed was a first for us – but you’ll have to wait and see!”

Home and Away” spoilers suggest that Denny will be killed by Charlotte in an accident. While the death will be accidental, Charlotte will be trying to hide the murder. Denny’s body will be buried in the bush, but how long will the secret be hidden?

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Addario said, “Denny’s sudden and accidental death provides a catalyst for Charlotte’s downward spiral, which audiences will see play out for the rest of the year.”

She also added, “Charlotte will be central to so many other plots and twists that are coming up. She’s going to get a lot more desperate, and as a result, start making enemies that want to see her leave the Bay.”