Home And Away – What Is Going To Happen With Nate?

Home And Away – What Is Going To Happen With Nate?
Filming ‘Home and Away’ at Palm Beach, Sydney John Campbell / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

The next episode of “Home and Away” is surely going to bring in some more twists that will be keeping fans excited. If you are waiting eagerly to catch the next episode, here are some spoilers that can tell you where the story is going to move. Read on.


Finally, Kat tells the truth of her past to Nate. She informs Nate about her past fiancé and the horrible memories she carried from him. Soon after, she meets Chris and assures him that he had done no wrong and he cannot even do anything that can be harmful for Billie or someone else.

Next, Chris gets into some detective work and found evidences that Billie made the humiliating posters of Kat and were circulated in the Summer Bay. As Chris presents the proof to Kat, she makes it clear that she is not going to drop charges against Nate. Chris also tells to Kat that it was his fault that placed Nate into all these problems, and hence, he is going to rescue him from the situation at any cost.

Later, Kat becomes her old self and reveals why she let go of Nate. On the other part of the story, Ricky is confronted with pictures taken with Brax as she entered a cabin. It makes her even more depressed and she starts to destroy the photos and even throws away the phone.

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In the Summer Bay, all are searching desperately for Ricky, and Ash is particularly worried for her, thinking she might do something stupid. Casey is taken care of by Marilyn and John. However, John gets uncomfortable as Marilyn leaves him with the baby, but when she gets back Marilyn finds John talking with the baby. When she tells him that he is free to go, John seems to be so engaged with the baby that Marilyn suggests him to stick around.

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