‘Home And Away’ Star Ray Meagher Has No Intention To Retire Soon

‘Home And Away’ Star Ray Meagher Has No Intention To Retire Soon
Ray Meagher Eva Rinaldi / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Ray Meagher is the only star in “Home and Away” who had appeared on the show’s very first episode in 1988. Meagher, now 71, has said that he has no intention of leaving the show.


Earlier this year, Ray was not too happy with the direction of the Australian soap and said that he wanted to have a talk with the producer. He mentioned, “The story has gone a little away from foster kids, onto sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, which for a 7pm timeslot is ‘only just’! Once you would never see ‘parental guidance recommended’ over a ‘Home and Away opener, but over the last few years, we have seen that a bit.”

He has been working in the show for years but it seemed that the star is not too happy this time. As he mentioned, “For 27 years, I didn’t ever have a word apart from to say, ‘Thanks for that mate, that was a great scene, I really enjoyed that the other day’. But about six months ago, I had a fairly severe word.”

This time, Meagher has cleared the cloud over his departure from “Home and Away.” He said he is enjoying 90% of the show and he is grateful that he is honored with such a character.

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He mentioned in an interview, “I’m still upright, I’ve still got a pulse, I still enjoy it more than 90 per cent of the time I am there and the new kids coming through keep it fresh,” he also added, “My current contract has a couple of years to go. I’m sure if I turned up at Channel Nine three or four days a week and they had to point me to Channel Seven, they’d probably say I’d had enough. That would be one way to get out of the contract I guess.”

Meagher plays Alf Stewart in “Home and Away” and is quite fond of the show.

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