‘Home And Away’ Spoilers: Phoebe Tries To Reconcile, Marilyn Decides To Get Back To John

‘Home And Away’ Spoilers: Phoebe Tries To Reconcile, Marilyn Decides To Get Back To John
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If you are keeping your fingers crossed about how the story of “Home and Away” is going to unfold in the next episodes, let us give you the best “Home and Away” spoilers, which will satisfy your inquisitiveness.


In the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away,” we are going to see Phoebe trying to patch things up with Kyle and Ash; but it seems things are not going to be that easy for Phoebe because of his earlier behavior.

On the other side, Charlotte is haunted by visions of Denny, and she puts her best to hide the fact from Hunter. A desperate Charlotte tries to log into Denny’s social media account and find the password, but before she could explore it, Chris entersw the cabin. Charlotte has to hide.

Meanwhile, Marilyn is discharged as her doctor suggests that spending time at home might be helpful to regain her lost memory. However, Marilyn decides to stay with Irene, as she does not remember John. Chris tries to console John, but as he fails he goes to Irene’s. Marilyn overhears the discussion between Irene and Chris, which informs her how depressed John is with the incident. Marilyn sees John and tells him that now she remembers him. John is overwhelmed but he has no idea Marilyn is faking it.

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Tank takes Evelyn to the edge of a rock and to help her confront her fear. He asks her to jump from the edge with him. Evelyn is really scared at first but then finally decides to take the challenge. She is stopped by Tank and they realize their feelings about each other.