‘Home And Away’ Spoilers: October 12 To 16

‘Home And Away’ Spoilers: October 12 To 16
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A lot is happening on “Home and Away” in terms of the characters getting more and more complicated with each passing episode. The new characters in the show are making things more interesting. As far as “Home and Away” spoilers are concerned, the scenes will get more heated up in the coming weeks. Just check out what’s in store for the coming week.


October 12: Zac tells Leah that he is ready for the paternity test to make her feel better. VJ and Hunter lose their temper in the family lunch organized by Evie who always had peace in mind for the event. On the other hand, John upsets Chris by saying he is a clown and he will never get a nice girl as Hannah. Leah and Evie miss an accident by an inch.

October 13: Leah will tell Zac she does not want to do anything with Hunter anymore. Irene arranges a date with Greg Snelgrove and invites him at her home. However, she is not sure if this is too forward or not.

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October 14: The date Irene arranged was not so smooth but she is positive that she wants to meet him again. Kat becomes suspicious about Ricky and Nate and later finds out that they were an item together. Josh decides to finish his studies even after bringing out his frustration on Andi.

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October 15: Kyle is ill and his condition is deteriorating. Only a kidney transplant can save his life. On the other hand, Ash is not sure who the baby of Phoebe belongs to. He is not sure if he wants to be a father at this point of time.

October 16: The fact that Brax is still alive will come to attention of Denny, who will confront Ash. While Kat tries to apologize to Nate, Ash finds out that his kidney matches that of Kyle and offers to donate to save his life.