‘Home And Away’ Spoilers: Charlotte Continues Using Kyle, Marilyn Is Electrocuted

‘Home And Away’ Spoilers: Charlotte Continues Using Kyle, Marilyn Is Electrocuted

Home and Away” is surely keeping its viewers tuned in with its twists and turns in the storyline and in the upcoming episodes, we are expecting more drama in the plot. Here are the latest Home and Away spoilers to give viewers some ideas about what they should expect from the plot.


In the storyline of “Home and Away” Kyle Braxton will get involved with Charlotte King, who is not surely the right person to be close with. We will also see Charlotte manipulating Kyle, which is quite inevitable in this circumstance.

Trystan nurtures a different theory about the death of Brax and decides to get to the mystery through Charlotte, who is already dealing with her own dark secrets. She does not really stand at a position where she can take up the blackmails from Trystan. Things continue to become even more difficult for Charlotte, which brings her closer to Kyle. Being pushed by Trystan, Charlotte decides to put her best to know more about Brax, but her plans are suspended as soon as Kyle gets into the scene.

Finally, Charlotte is left with no option but to use Kyle, according to the demands of Trystan. In an interview with TV Week, Nic Westaway who is playing Kyle in the series reveals that Kyle is vulnerable because of the loses he has experienced in life. He might find it most comforting to stand for someone who deserves better according to him.

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In “Home and Away” next week we will see Hannah and Chris encouraging each other about their dream jobs and the breakup of Ash and Phoebe. The best twist of the plot comes when Marilyn is electrocuted and taken to hospital by Leah and Roo. Kat gets infuriated as she comes to know about the relationship of Nate and Ricky.

To know more about the plot, tune in to Channel 5 or Network Seven, according to your location.