‘Home And Away’: Phoebe’s Pregnancy Takes An Emotional Turn

‘Home And Away’: Phoebe’s Pregnancy Takes An Emotional Turn
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Phoebe’s pregnancy is creating a lot of stir on the show “Home and Away.” Previously, it was noted that Phoebe is pregnant and she does not know if the baby belongs to Kyle or Ash. This time, there are more complications in her pregnancy that is going to give the show a new turn.


Isabella Giovinazzi, the 23-year-old actress who plays rock singer Phoebe, mentioned, “I just read it in the script,” adding, “It was a new aspect of the character and of myself to discover so I was really excited.”

Phoebe arrived at Summer Bay for a musical festival where she reunited with former flame Kyle. Their romance was going strong but Kyle’s father was strongly against their relationship. Phoebe moved to Ash and she was having a strong connection with him.

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A few weeks later, Phoebe came to know that she is pregnant but the father was not known. A test later revealed that Kyle is the father and she has twins in her womb. However, complications started when it was diagnosed that one of the baby died and the other one has a congenital heart problem.

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Giovinazzi said, “The doctors advise her to have an abortion but, as you can imagine, that’s a hard decision for her to make and it’s not 100 per cent sure that the baby won’t survive.”

In spite of warnings, she decided to continue the pregnancy. She mentioned, “It doesn’t look easy that’s for sure but she’s pretty determined – and so are the boys – that they’ll push through,” adding, “Phoebe’s a pretty positive gal. If there’s anything she can help with willpower she’ll give it a good shot.”

According to the actress, the situation itself is emotionally draining but the viewers are hooked in finding out what happens next.