‘Home And Away’ – Dan Is Back At Summer Bay

‘Home And Away’ – Dan Is Back At Summer Bay
Beach Yiorgos Theo / unsplash.com

Things are always changing for the Summer Bay guys in “Home and Away,” and the rapid twists and turns in the plot are keeping viewers tuned in to their TV sets.


The viewers are going to see some tense moments in the soap when Charlotte kills Denny by mistake. Charlotte tries to get rid of the safe to protect Hunter, but Denny comes in the way, demanding to take it to police.  In the struggle that erupted between the two, Denny falls and hits her temple. Charlotte finds her dead.

Phoebe is excited to know that she is carrying twins, but her happiness is shattered as she is shortly informed by her doctor that one of the twins is already dead. Phoebe becomes more vulnerable as she gets the news that even the other child bears a serious congenital problem and is expected not to be able to survive the full term of pregnancy.

Phoebe considers the possibility of terminating the pregnancy, but as she arrives home she finds Kyle and Ash in a good mood, which makes it difficult for her to reveal the sad truth. On the other hand, Kat finds Ricky and Nate together and misunderstands the situation. She feels humiliated and bad for believing Nate.

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It seems that the beach is the favorite place of Dan Ewing not only in the show. Recently, Dan with his wife and son was pictured enjoying at the beach. Dan seems to be enjoying his life as a new father and he is about to reprise the role of Heath Braxton in the episode “An Eye For An Eye.” Last year, he left the show to settle down in the U.S., but he will be appearing in a special episode that will be streamed on streaming service Presto.