‘Home And Away’ Apoilers – A Sneak Peek At The Story This Week

‘Home And Away’ Apoilers – A Sneak Peek At The Story This Week
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Good news for “Home and Away” fans. There is going to be more exciting twists and turns in the story this week. We have our hands on “Home and Away” spoilers this week and let us inform you that the story is going to be more intriguing.  So read on to know what exactly you can expect to see in this week’s “Home and Away” episodes.


In the first episode of the week to be aired on Monday, we are expecting to see Phoebe and Ash getting concerned about their circumstances. Another turn that we will see in the first episode is the encounter between Nate and Hannah, where Hannah clearly warns Nate to stay away from Ricky. Well, this is going to be interesting.

Charlotte seems to be a bit out of the place now. She gets threats from an unknown stalker and could not leave the Bay. On the other side of the story, Ricky and Nate pose together for a photoshoot and Kyle seems to have a crush on Ricky as well. However, the question is left hanging and viewers have to wait for more time to get the answer.

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By the middle of the week, the show will turn to Marilyn and John. The story will be focusing on the surprise plan of Marilyn to renew their vows. Ricky does his best to stop Kyle from leaving. So the story between the two thickens.

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For Alf and Roo, we will see a chemistry. Roo also manages the trauma of getting married to James. Tank suddenly arrives on the 18th birthday party of Maddy and the occasion goes out of control.