‘Home And Away’ Actress Jessica Grace Smith Reveals Major Twists In The Plot

‘Home And Away’ Actress Jessica Grace Smith Reveals Major Twists In The Plot
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Jessica Smith, the actress playing the role of Denny Miller in “Home and Away,” revealed some major twists and turns in the plot that have been already aired in Australia. The revelations give us a clear idea about what we are going to see in the next episodes of “Home and Away.”


In an interview, Jessica revealed a lot about the future of her character in the show, and automatically, many entwined incidents came into light. Jessica, who has been working with the show since February 2014, made it clear that her character will exit the storyline shortly and she is pleased with it. So the character of Denny Miller will reach its fate in the show soon.

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In the interview with TV Week, Jessica said that for a show like “Home and Away,” reaching such a closure is really nice. It will certainly be sad for her to say goodbye, but she is actually happy with it. She also noted that for actors and actresses leaving the show, there is always a chance to get back in future, but she will prefer to move on with other experiences and not go back.

The episodes that were just aired showed Denny getting killed in a fight with Charlotte King. Casey, Denny’s boyfriend, was shot dead by Jake in 2014 and now her character is also going to reach her end.

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This part of the plot will be aired in the UK by the end of the year.