Hillary Clinton Wired For Therapy: Mysterious Device Bulging During Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton Wired For Therapy: Mysterious Device Bulging During Presidential Debate
Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH Marc Nozell / Flickr cc
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Hillary Clinton was apparently carrying some sort of a device under her clothes during last night’s presidential debate.


Photos from the debate are being disseminated on Twitter. These photos clearly show something under her red pantsuit, which seemed to have the shape of a box with a wire running up her back.

On Sunday, it was reported that presidential debate moderators were not permitted to wear earpieces during the debates. However, the Federal Election Commission did not rule out the use of communications devices for candidates.

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According to Infowars, the Democratic nominee’s campaign was compelled to refute claims that Hillary Clinton was wearing an earpiece during the presidential forum on September 7.

It was speculated by several that the box-like device was connected to a wireless lapel mic. Many suggested that both candidates were wearing these, which is the most probable explanation.

However, it was noted that the podiums were fitted with microphones. On the other hand, Twitter users are speculating that the device was an instrument that sends impulses to the brain to reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Multiple social media users made claims that Clinton cheated the debate by wearing a hidden earpiece. This ear piece, according to many, aided Clinton by feeding her answers from a remote location.

Snopes reported about the incident, claiming that these speculations are false. The publication said that although images of the odd wrinkle on Clinton’s pantsuit are genuine, it wasn’t from a secret earpiece or a medical instrument.

The publication said that the visible bulge under her clothes could either be a lapel device, or simply an odd wrinkle on Clinton’s pantsuit. Snopes also said this was not the first time a simple lapel device on the Democratic nominee was mistaken for something sinister.

If it was a wire connected to an earpiece in or behind her ear, it would have been clearly visible.

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  • Ralph Holiman

    Again with the, “You didn’t see what you saw. Let us tell you what you saw.” This woman is faker than a three dollar bill. A grifter to the core.

  • Looks like a pocket pistol “print” to me.

  • Honesty

    Snopes was duped. Sure was NOT a wrinkle. She needs to be frisked before debates