Hillary Clinton Town Hall Scripted: Child Actor Brennan Leach Asks About Body Image

Hillary Clinton Town Hall Scripted: Child Actor Brennan Leach Asks About Body Image
Hillary Clinton Marc Nozell/ Flickr cc

Child actor Brennan Leach was chosen to ask Hillary Clinton a question regarding Donald Trump during a town hall conducted by Elizabeth Banks.


Banks arranged the town hall in Haverford Community Recreation and Environmental Center in Pennsylvania yesterday.

Hillary Clinton, her daughter Chelsea Clinton, and Elizabeth Banks opened the event by answering questions at the town hall.

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“At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age. I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look. As the first female president, how would you undo some of that damage and help girls understand that they are so much more than what they look like?” fifteen-year-old Brennan Leach asked, as quoted by Heavy.

It was reported by YouTuber Spanglevision that the question might have been scripted, although it seemed like the girl was selected randomly. In truth, though, she is a local child actor. Brennan Leach also has an IMDb page.

Redditor DJ Dynasty Handbag also shared that Brennan Leach’s father is Daylin Leach, a Democratic state senator.

The publication also reported that the former First Lady stated that she was extremely proud of Brennan for asking the question. Clinton also agreed that Donald Trump has taken this issue to a new level of “difficulty and meanness.”

“We can’t take any of this seriously anymore,” Clinton said.

“We need to laugh at it. We need to refute it. We need to ignore it. And we need to stand up to it.”

While all this was going according to script, the Democratic nominee’s daughter, Chelsea, was ready to boast her mother’s credentials.

Although the Clinton campaign said that the questions were not scripted, it was later reported by The New York times that Brennan’s father helped his daughter write the question.

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