Hillary Clinton Talks About China Stealing US Data And ‘Hacking Into Everything That Doesn’t Move In America’

Hillary Clinton Talks About China Stealing US Data And ‘Hacking Into Everything That Doesn’t Move In America’
Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH Marc Nozell / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton lashed out on Saturday against China’s cyber hacking, accusing the Asian country of stealing U.S. commercial secrets and huge amount of government data and attempting to “hack into everything that doesn’t move in America,” news said.


Midway in June, the government disclosed a hacker of Chinese origin had breached into the Office of Personnel Management, accessing information of almost four million past and present federal employees. The cyber hacking was made even more controversial as it was only discovered during a software product demo, prompting presidential racer Jeb Bush to blame the incumbent administration.

Though the cyber attack was disclosed to be of Chinese origin, the government did not categorically state whether the Chinese government initiated it. The assertive Clinton was different, however.

Speaking before the crowd in New Hampshire, Clinton described how China looks for an advantage when it steals blueprints from defense contractors, among other things, according to CNN.

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“I want to see a peaceful rise for China. I worked very hard on that as secretary of state. I will continue to do so. But we also have to be fully vigilant that China’s military is growing very quickly and they are establishing military installations that again threaten countries we have treaties with, like the Philippines, because they are building on contested property,” Clinton was quoted by CNN as saying.

China is notorious not just on stealthily sneaking into government websites, but more so in claiming ownership over the entire South China Sea, citing grounds that Chinese ancestors have been exercising dominion over the islands.

To date, dispute over the South China Sea prompted diplomatic calls from international community as several countries are claiming ownership over the region. In a recent visit by a Chinese General to the pentagon, Defense Secretary Ash Carter reiterated calls on China to stop its artificial island construction in the South China Sea.

But General Fan Changlong retorted and called on the United States to reduce its aerial and navy activities in the disputed territory and that China has the right to establish military facilities on its own territories.