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Hillary Clinton Seizures: Bizarre Neurological Disorder In Photos & Videos

Hillary Clinton Seizures: Bizarre Neurological Disorder In Photos & Videos
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Hillary Clinton Seizures: Bizarre Neurological Disorder In Photos & Videos

Hillary Clinton’s health condition is being questioned as the presidential campaign enters the ultimate stages.

Along with last week’s perplexing “short-circuit” comment, Clinton seemed to have been projecting bizarre, erratic behavior on the campaign trail. There were uncanny signs that left many to ponder with the thought that she is seriously ill.

There have been times when Hillary Clinton had multiple convulsions on camera that look like seizures. This included a series of apparent and incomprehensible coughing fits, according to Zero Hedge.

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Allegations of health issues concerning the Democratic candidate are contributed by a commonly referenced video. The video alleges that she might have seizure-like conditions, which had emerged several weeks ago.

The issue also states that as of now, it is unclear whether Hillary may have ongoing health problems. It is believed that the conditions are prompted by a blood clot in her brain that happened three years ago due to a fall. The clot allegedly left potential residual aftereffects.

Another YouTube video, posted by Paul Joseph Watson, states that the former First Lady suffers from neurological disorders. According to Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, she may have been suffering from Post-Concussion Syndrome and is unable to tolerate stress inducing environment.

The video focuses on her weird eye movements and overreaction to external stimuli. The footage also reports about the issue saying the former Secretary of State can barely stand up after giving a speech. This is related to coughing fits known as Dysphagia, another side effect of strokes, which is a condition that involves choking on liquid food.

Another eccentricity projected by the Democratic nominee is the sudden bursts of laughter, which becomes socially uncomfortable. This again may be an aftereffect of stroke.

From neurological issues, the video shifts towards the psychological condition she could be suffering from. The video alleges that the former First Lady has an unstable personality and may have had a history of drug abuse, which characterized her spontaneous fits of rage.

Clinton’s campaign insiders often said that she had shown rage and child-like tantrums. According to an anonymous source, during the campaign period, she had gone shrill and even violent.

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