Hillary Clinton Secret Ear Piece: Who Was She Listening To?

Hillary Clinton Secret Ear Piece: Who Was She Listening To?
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Conservative actor James Woods tweeted that Hillary Clinton was wearing a concealed wireless ear piece at yesterday’s Commander-in-Chief Forum.


Woods tweeted again, mentioning that a WikiLeaks document earlier said that Huma Abedin, the Democratic presidential candidate aide, talked about the ear piece before. The WikiLeaks document is dated 2009, mentioning that Huma Abedin asked Hillary Clinton, “Did you take your ear piece or do I need to get it?”

A third tweet from the conservative actor insinuated the question about the people feeding answers to her on the forum. It was indicated that the ear piece was wired to get stealth communications from her campaign handlers.

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On Wednesday night, while Clinton was taking questions from a journalist and the public on live television, a rumor was spreading among New York law enforcement circles about the former First lady’s left ear. According to True Pundit, a source from the NYPD on set with the forum’s security detail has confirmed that the Democratic presidential candidate was wearing an “inductive earpiece.”

The source also confirmed that it was the same technology used by Broadway actors to hear their forgotten lines and secret off-stage cues from directors. The ear piece is flesh-colored, thus it could be easily concealed.

NYPD officers recognized the ear piece because they are accustomed to seeing stealth equipment during shows and conventions. On the other hand, NYPD detectives also administer a similar technology to communicate during undercover Ops.

On a surprising note, Wikileaks have indicated this story years ago. According to an otherwise obscure 2009 email leaked by WikiLeaks, Abedin asked the former First Lady if she remembered to get her ear piece.

This particular document is so interesting it could bring up the question whether the Democratic presidential candidate used her ear piece to be guided through her testimony at Congressional hearings on Benghazi or her missing emails.

However, FOX News reported that two senior campaign aides said that this ear piece story is absolutely false. Her spokesman Nick Merrill stated that what was seen in the photo is nothing but a reflection of the TV lights or the flash of a camera.

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