Hillary Clinton Replacement: Michelle Obama Next President Of The United States?

Hillary Clinton Replacement: Michelle Obama Next President Of The United States?
Hillary Clinton Paula R. Lively / Flickr cc
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A video posted on YouTube said that if Hillary Clinton gets replaced because of her illness, Michelle Obama would take her place.


Republican political consultant Roger Stone provided his views on the Democratic presidential nominee and her possible replacement. The video began by stating that the former First Lady claimed she was absolutely fine after she went inside the van from the 9/11 ceremony. Furthermore, when she reached her daughter’s apartment, she played with her grandchildren.

In the video from NewsmaxTV, Roger Stone says that Hillary Clinton’s claim was entirely unbelievable as she is a “congenital liar.” He says that she lied about almost everything: being under fire in Bosnia, being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, and cases of sexual assaults and her role in their cover-ups.

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Stone also said that the people working for Clinton are just as unbelievable as her. He added that the former Secretary of State is totally ill.

“It is my understanding that if she were to be incapacitated, or she were too ill to continue, or if God forbid she should pass away, then the Democratic National Committee would hold a meeting to fill that vacancy,” Stone said.

“And I don’t think it would be Joe Biden, I don’t think it would be Tim Kaine, I am fairly confident that she would be replaced by Michelle Obama. Now that would assuage the feminist wing of the Democratic Party that is salivating over the idea of our first woman president.”

However, CNN reported that First Lady Michelle Obama will indeed leave the White House when her husband’s term ends in January 2017. She had announced that she has no intentions of returning.

The First Lady made it clear that she has no interest on the presidency. She wants to be free from partisan controversy while serving the public.

The New York Times reported on September 11 that Michelle Obama will insist voters to register ahead of the state’s October 17 deadline. According to aides, this will be Obama’s first series of appearances in support of Hillary Clinton.

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  • frank3108

    Michelle Obama will “reluctantly” run and Uncle Bernie will be her VP if Hillary drops out.