Hillary Clinton Out Of Presidential Race? State Department Reopens Probe

Hillary Clinton Out Of Presidential Race? State Department Reopens Probe
Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH Marc Nozell / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Competency and value judgment are crucial for presidents, and Hillary Clinton’s name is on the line again. The State Department is reopening its probe into Clinton’s use of a private emails server including handling and management of classified information. Is it the end of Clinton’s presidential race?


State Department Reopens Clinton Probe

While Clinton enjoys a decent lead from her rivals, one issue that continues to threaten her chances is the email controversy. Called out for her choice of using a private email server, Clinton may have to prepare for another probe as the State Department reopens investigation.

The reopening of the probe is expected, since investigation needed to wait for the Justice Department to complete its criminal investigation. The report noted that the reopening of the case meant that Clinton’s campaign will need to deal with the issue regardless. The State Department will decide if employees managing Clinton’s emails should be subject to disciplinary action, which could mean getting reprimands or loss of security clearance. 

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Further Repercussions

“Given the Department of Justice has now made its announcement, the State Department intends to conduct its internal review,” CNN quoted State Department spokesman John Kirby in a statement.

“I cannot provide specific information about the department’s review, including what information we are evaluating. We will aim to be as expeditious as possible, but we will not put artificial deadlines on the process. Our goal will be to be as transparent as possible about our results, while complying with our various legal obligations. I’m not able to make commitments today one way or the other about what we will be able to disclose.”

According PBS, the State Department also said that that the probe will possibly look into confidants Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan and Huma Abedin.

“There could be repercussions,” said Kirby to reporters.

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  • Nu Rphase

    Bernie needs earplugs for he’s sick and tired of hearing Hilary’s carelessnes with email use. Then Hilary threw her former people under the bus about her email use.