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Hillary Clinton Philadelphia Rally A Hollywood Movie Set?

Hillary Clinton Philadelphia Rally A Hollywood Movie Set?
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Hillary Clinton Philadelphia Rally A Hollywood Movie Set?

It was discovered that at her latest speaking session in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton seemed to have “staged” the event.

The building in which the event took place, at Temple University, is designed to hold 4,600 people. However, campaigners alleged that the event had full capacity, yet there were only over 100 attendees.

Infowars correspondent Millie Weaver was not allowed to enter Clinton’s event, since it only permitted specific members of the press to enter. Weaver was motivated enough to get inside and go behind-the-scenes of what looks like a Hollywood movie set.

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The attendees consisted of only the mainstream media crew. The former First Lady bought in high school students from buses as crowd filler. It was done so only a handful of people would get exposed to the fact that she needed help getting upstairs.

The publication further stated that the Democratic nominee used slight-of-hand technique to hide the procession of motor vehicles.

Earlier, it was reported by Morning News USA that a conspiracy theory video claimed that the Democratic nominee used a green screen to fake a crowd during her speech in Nevada on August 2016.

The video explained that Clinton’s campaign actually used a green screen instead of getting her to Nevada. This was because of her seizures and allegedly degrading health.

The San Francisco Chronicle stated that the biggest issue currently being faced by Clinton was that several young voters see slight differences between her and GOP candidate Donald Trump.

To address this issue, Clinton’s campaign aired a radio advertisement on Tuesday.

“Thinking about staying home? The difference between staying home and showing up is the difference between justice and injustice,” the ad said.

“Look, no candidate in any election is perfect. But the choice is easy this time. … This guy Trump disrespects President Obama, insults communities of color and wants to turn back the clock.”

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