Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease: Secret Advanced Medical Facility Inside Chelsea’s Apartment?

Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease: Secret Advanced Medical Facility Inside Chelsea’s Apartment?
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Over the past weeks on the campaign trail, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s health has been put into question. Some health experts claimed that the former Secretary of State is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.


As previously reported by Morning News USA, 68-year-old Clinton fainted in the middle of the 9/11 memorial service on Sunday and was later taken into a van. Her doctors later said in a statement that she had pneumonia, fueling speculations about her deteriorating health condition.

Secret Advanced Medical Facility

Martin Shkreli, former pharmaceutical executive, has gotten attention after live-streaming for at least two hours Clinton’s visit to her daughter’s Madison Square Park apartment Sunday.

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Shkreli, who was fired from his own company for fraud charges, claimed that Chelsea Clinton’s apartment is actually an advanced medical facility. Outside the apartment, Shkreli shouted to Clinton, “Why are you so sick?” the NY Daily News reported.

“Like I said, Chelsea Clinton does not live in that apartment. That apartment is an advanced medical facility. I saw her coming out. No one saw her going in obviously. She was presumably in some kind of stretcher…Nobody saw that. That’s my imagination at work,” Shkreli, who lives nearby, was quoted as saying by the NY Daily News.

Clinton Researched on Provigil

But Shkreli later told the NY Daily News that he lied about Chelsea’s apartment being an advanced medical facility for the frail Clinton.

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Meanwhile, a leaked e-mail conversation between Clinton and State Department staffer Jake Sullivan revealed that the former asked the latter to do a research on the side effects of an FDA-regulated drug Provigil, a medicine for narcolepsy and off-label med for Parkinson’s Disease.

According to the document released by WikiLeaks, the correspondence between Clinton and Sullivan happened on October 25, 2011 when Sullivan provided Clinton relevant information about the medicine, including the one who developed it.

“Provigil is used to treat excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder (sleepiness during scheduled waking hours among people who work at night or on rotating shifts). It is also often prescribed to treat excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis. Additionally, it has also gained a following among students, truckers, and others who want to stay awake for extended periods of time,” Sullivan wrote to Clinton.

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  • DWFL

    Her seizures, multiple coughing fits (since 2008), freezing at rallies and needing someone to tell her to keep talking, head bobbling, bug eyes, and inability to stand/walk on her own at times are not enough proof for some that SOMETHING is wrong?!?! She has something more than pneumonia since this has been going on for years. And no, it is not campaign exhaustion. She has done much less traveling than anyone else campaigning this year or in previous years. If she IS exhausted from campaigning, how can she manage the presidency? Can’t have it both ways.

    My parents are 80 years old and can stand FL heat for hours on end. I firmly admit that if she is taking several medications – for pneumonia or other unknown illnesses – she could get overheated and dehydrated. So, why is that the media refuses to look at BOTH possibilities?

    The facts are she is not well beyond “pneumonia” as proven on multiple occasions, for multiple years. We have a RIGHT to know the truth. But, I will hold my breath because she is a liar and her pundits, lapdog media, and mindless followers will do whatever they can to assist in her cover-ups, scandals, and lies.

    Bottom line is, drop the Red vs Blue and think about the bigger picture. Common sense dictates there is at least enough information to raise concern or require she pass a presidential health test from an independent doctor showing she is fit and not terminal. It seems they (media, pundits, etc) just want to put their fingers in their ears and go “la-la-la…everything is fine…nothing to see here”.

    Americans are not not stupid or deplorable, Hillary! It is time ALL Americans stand up and demand this nonsense stop, including “Summer of Chaos”, race/ class / gender wars, and purposeful division. We are not a united country and never will be again with the political elite using their power to better themselves at the cost of TRUE Americans. That goes for both parties! You ALL work in PUBLIC SERVICE – that’s me, my neighbor, our families and friends. You DON’T work for your foundation, business, or bank accounts.

    Shame on all of you who ignore this serious issue.

    • MuhammadMorningstar

      Mechanical pneumonia is a symptom of Parkinson’s disease.

      It is the most common cause of death for those with Parkinson’s.

      • DWFL

        Excellent point, Muhammad!

  • MuhammadMorningstar
  • bonnie

    If it is not Parkinson’s, show the people of the US an independent Neurological report. I have had family members with PD. Wow, I am stunned by the cover up by the media and Clinton.


    What was with the blue sunglasses? Google “Parkinson’s and blue sunglasses”