Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease: Evidences, Videos And More Theories

Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease: Evidences, Videos And More Theories
Hillary Clinton Testimony to House Select Committee on Benghazi C-SPAN / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Is Hillary Clinton really afflicted with Parkinson’s disease?


For quite a while now, reports claiming that the 68-year-old politician and Presidential candidate suffers from the said medical condition have been making headlines.

In fact, a number of them have even noted of possible evidences that would prove the claim.

In an interview with Next News Network’s Gary Franchi, Dr. Ted Noel of Orlando, Florida appeared to have confirmed the allegation hurled at the former First Lady of the United States.

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Medical Experts Speak Up

The medical practitioner, who claimed 36 years of experience, shared that by just examining the articles, photos and videos of Hillary Clinton, it is likely that she has Parkinson’s disease.

During the interview, through a video of posted on YouTube, he clarified that he is not the “treating physician” of Bill Clinton’s wife, therefore, he cannot claim that “what I’m about to tell you is a conclusive diagnosis.”

However, he ended the interview by saying that “Hillary Clinton has advanced Parkinson’s disease.”

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Reacting to the interview, a certain Jeffry Packer questioned the veracity of the doctor’s statements.

“Has this doctor examined Hillary? Or is a rehearsed and remote diagnosis an adequate substitute for clinical science? (no, no),” he wrote. “Gary should have performed 30 seconds of due diligence, and resisted the urge to have someone that is not a Clinical Neuropsychologist, make unobjective [sic] remarks based on DOCTORED photos and clips.”

Meanwhile, Info Wars reported that a pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli, who reportedly has 15 years of experience in “drug discovery and pharmaceuticals,” alleged that the video of Hillary Clinton showing off a “bizarre behavior” is proof that she has Parkinson’s disease.

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Accordingly, the politician’s “strange” facial gestures and the way she walks are “pretty unmistakable signs” of her condition.

Amid these unending speculations, Snopes pointed out that there is no truth to any of these.

Based on the statement of her personal doctor, Lisa Bardack, MD of Mount Kisco, New York, the opponent of Donald Trump is in “excellent physical condition.”

Bardack even continued saying that Hillary Clinton is “fit to serve as President of the United States.”

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  • Jim Mason

    71% of doctors say they have serious concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health. What, exactly, do you think they are concerned about?


    The doctor referenced in your article is very experienced, he is not some “quack”. Why not interview doctor’s who are experts on the subject and put forward their opinions if you want to disprove the topic?

    Oh, because 3 in 4 would probably agree with the guy. Got it.

    What the hell happened to real reporters.

  • Timothy_D

    I have done a bit of graduate work, researching dystonia, akathisia and tardive dyskinesia in relation to Parkinson’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease. Not a rookie on the disease, but probably knowledgeable enough on the topic to share some insight. The official diagnosis, of course, should be completed by someone with the experience and knowledge base of Dr. Jankovic at Baylor, or other MDs with years of experience treating neuromuscular disorders.
    What I can tell you, is that her symptoms (chronic coughing, alleged pneumonia) as well as her physical presentation of neuromuscular difficulties (hand gestures, facial expressions, gross motor skill anomalies) and tremors are somewhat in line with Stage 2 of the disease. It’s a bit difficult to stage correctly, with limited video material to view, and considering the potential medications she may be on.
    It’s only fair to the voting public, to have an impartial evaluation by a team of experts, with all findings made public. It’s quite possible that the democrat party is trying to pass off a seriously impaired candidate in an effort to retain power and control of the government. If this is true, it would be a fraud of epic proportions.
    Any and all reasonable efforts should be made to have a true and impartial evaluation by a team of physicians, as soon as possible.

  • John Bond

    If Hillary is kept in bed, would Bill become president while she is “recovering”? That Huma is pretty nice looking and might be able to satisfy Bill.