Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease: Dropping Out, Bernie Sanders To Replace?

Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease: Dropping Out, Bernie Sanders To Replace?
Hillary Clinton Marc Nozell / Flickr cc
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Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton suffered a sudden health breakdown during a 9/11 ceremony on Sunday morning, which led to much speculations around her health and candidacy. Her campaign announced on Friday that she has been diagnosed with pneumonia and is on antibiotics.


Video of Clinton stumbling and almost falling as she was being led to the car by her Secret Service detail has gone viral over the internet. The issue of Clinton’s health have plagued the campaign for quite some time now with speculations that she suffers from Parkinson’s to seizure and dementia which might come in the way of her service in the Oval Office, The Washington Times reported.

The rumours around her health also led to speculations on whether Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden would replace her. Although she appeared fine as she emerged from Chelsea Clinton’s apartment and waved at the reporters, questions are being raised as to who would be her automatic replacement in case she drops out.

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Although Clinton’s campaign has not made any indication towards a possibility of her quitting the race, speculations over a likely replacement are still making the rounds.

However, Sanders would not automatically replace Hillary Clinton if she considered dropping out of the race due to health concerns. According to a report by Heavy.com. Sanders, who had the second-highest number of delegates in the party, refused to assign his delegates to Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

The DNC, as per its bylaws and charter, is required to select the replacement. Although, the exact process for selecting the replacement has not been spelled out in clear terms. According to Article 2, Section 7 of the DNC Bylaws, in case of a vacancy on the national ticket, a special meeting of the Committee will be held on the call of the Chairperson and the replacement candidate would be thereby chosen. According to a report by the Law Newz, such selection is generally made of the basis of majority decision.

If a situation arises in which Hillary Clinton is forced to withdraw after the general election but before being sworn in, then as per the federal law, the electors would be able to vote in whoever they want. But, states have the authority to pass their own laws on the issue.

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  • The Ridley

    Why not report that Billy boy could replace her. Bill could serve again as president.

    • Chilly8

      Despite the constutional term lmiits, it is possible. The constitution only says that a President can only server two consecutive terms. So he could serve another term, but I think his age, too, could be an issue, since he is 70 now. Maybe he could get to serve one more term, but not two.

      The quiark in California’s term limit law is what allowed Jerry Brown to service another two terms as governor. With his age, he would be way too old to run again in 2022.

  • DWFL

    Are you INSANE???

  • A.P. Butler

    I would first believe the tripe coming out of ‘The Enquirer” before ANY bogus and clearly unsubstantiated garbage this ‘morningnewsusa.com’ dribbles out.

    You folks need to get REAL jobs….!

    • Miyako

      WHY”? Are You An Agent For The ‘MOSSAD’? Or..Hollywood…..Bolsheviks”?

      • A.P. Butler

        Any ‘news agency’ that spews out unsubstantiated dribble cannot be taken seriously…I am a natural born american citizen. Are you a japanese geisha?

        • Miyako

          NT TIMES NY DAILY NEWS BOSTON GLOBE WASHINGTON POST.ALL “DRIBBLE”! They Are All Bolshevik Owned And Managed. Thank You.

          • A.P. Butler

            You are one freakin’ Sicko…(with a capitol “S”)

          • Miyako

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          • A.P. Butler

            It appears you are so whacked out, that you did not, or cannot, answer my question- take your meds…

          • Miyako

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          • A.P. Butler

            STILL haven’t answered my question- Where’s your research?

          • Miyako

            Why don’t you supply them”? You Hiding Something..? NY TIMES,NY DAILY NEWS,NY POST,Etc etc…..Washington Post,Boston Globe…..The owners and Managers are Bolshevik……Or Cousins..Get The Picture”? Or…..You are too Ignorant To Follow..? (Marxist And Communist Lovers) Does ‘Bernie’ ring a Bell In your “Naive…Brain”?

          • Joseph Jordan

            What kind of drugs are you on?

          • Miyako

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          • Miyako

            It’s hard to follow..when your mind is still in the 1st grade. try the internet….? Neo-Cons Are More Destructive in The GOP Then The Dumb’ocrat Party. (ex:Bill Kristol)

  • Sea Pig

    Such a stoopid article.

  • Wow, what a headline. And citing the Washington Times, is a joke. That isn’t a real newspaper, it’s owned by a bunch of rightwing religious fanatics.