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Hillary Clinton On Proof Of Aliens: Truth Obscured After Clinton’s Defeat, Report

Hillary Clinton On Proof Of Aliens: Truth Obscured After Clinton’s Defeat, Report
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Hillary Clinton On Proof Of Aliens: Truth Obscured After Clinton’s Defeat, Report

Hillary Clinton’s defeat had vanquished every possibility of answers regarding the UFO and alien sensation, which had been lingering for years, while more sightings took place.

In an alarming video, it was shown that a flaming UFO was floating through the sky above the capital city of Peru – Lima.

The weird video footage showed a ball of orange light moving gradually in a manner of flying through the dark sky. It flew for sometime before it disappeared without any notice and without a trace.

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Reports stated that locals who came across the entire event were intensely shocked by the unpredictable sighting. One of the residents was able film the sighting and uploaded it online.

According to The Star, multiple conspiracy theorists had expressed their belief that these lights indicate a fast approaching alien invasion. The publication also noted that one of the viewers exclaimed that the orange light was a “burning UFO.”

Lima, the capital city of Peru, was quite famous for its alien encounters. It was also reported that this “burning UFO” sighting was not the sole unnatural event to happen around the same time.

Other than this particular activity in Lima, many other areas of the South American country, had got shocked residents. These stunned locals reported that they had also spotted strange lights in the sky.

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This had evoked fears that a whole contingency of UFOs were on their way to invade Peru. But there could a more logical manner for explaining these supernatural sightings.

People who believe in the existence of aliens and seek the truth behind alien activities had been gravely upset due to the fact that Hillary Clinton could not become the first female US president. They were deeply saddened, chiefly because of her promised to open up clandestine government UFO files if she had won the presidential race.

The former First Lady’s pledge was closely observed by Paradigm Research Group, a campaign organization set up by Steve Bassett. This organization was the only officially listed lobbyist on the UFO issue in the U.S.

Even after Hillary Clinton’s defeat, Bassett has still been hoping that Clinton and Podesta could still insist incumbent President Barack Obama to open up the files and bring the truth out before he leaves office in Janaury.

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“There are 70 days left to persuade Secretary Clinton, John Podesta and President Obama to engage the media on the extraterrestrial issue leading to a White House/Pentagon rapprochement and Disclosure under President Obama.” Paradigm Research Group’s website stated.

Clinton also said that she would “get to the bottom” of what was going on at the mysterious Area 51 military base in Nevada, which reportedly harbors alien technology, said Express UK.

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