Hillary Clinton: ‘No Family & No Student Should Have To Borrow To Pay Tuition’

Hillary Clinton: ‘No Family & No Student Should Have To Borrow To Pay Tuition’
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Democrat Presidential contender Hillary Clinton proposed “The New College Compact,” a $350-billion plan that would help college students pay for their tuition. On Monday, Clinton discussed the feasibility of said plan in New Hampshire.


“No family and no student should have to borrow to pay tuition at a public college or university,” she said as quoted the Politico. “And everyone who has student debt should be able to finance it at lower rates.”

The New College Compact is an amalgam of ideas from different sectors and an enhanced-version of former President Bill Clinton’s program. It also embraces ideas which are already included in discussion in Congress that President Barack Obama already initiated.

A senior campaign official of Clinton described the plan as a “bold transformation of how we would do higher education financing in our country,” as reported. Included in the plan’s goals are to motivate the state to invest more in higher education, inspire educational institutions to make cost-cutting while enhancing graduation rates, and to let students enroll in four-year course at a public college without obtaining loans or enroll in a community college for free.

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“This is a real political organizing opportunity. We have heard everywhere Hillary Clinton goes, literally everywhere she goes—from young people who are being held back or families who have no idea how they are going to pay for college,” Clinton’s official said.