Hillary Clinton An Insider Threat: Classified US Army Slides Reveal Future President Considered Threat Against America

Hillary Clinton An Insider Threat: Classified US Army Slides Reveal Future President Considered Threat Against America
Hillary Clinton Gage Skidmore / Flickr cc
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Hillary Clinton has been marked as an “insider threat” in an Army training presentation, among a gallery of killers and leakers.


In the presentation, Clinton was shown as an example of “careless or disgruntled employees.” According to the Washington Examiner, a photo of the slide was posted to the U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments Facebook page on Sunday. The photo shows an unclassified Army training slide on insider threats.

After the photo was posted on the social network page, an Army spokesman confirmed that the image is authentic. The spokesperson said the slide was used as part of a lesson on how to protect classified materials and improve safety.

The Army’s Training and Doctrine Command’s spokesperson stated that the slide was developed 18 months ago.

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“As is common with Army training requirements, the local unit was given latitude to develop their own training products to accomplish the overall training objective,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “This particular presentation had not been reviewed or approved by the unit’s leadership, and does not reflect the position of the Army. The training presentation has since been removed.”

There are six photos on the slide, including one of the former First Lady, who had sent classified information using her personal server.

In the other photos were retired Gen. David Petraeus, who provided classified information to his biographer and mistress; Chelsea Manning, who leaked classified information to WikiLeaks; Nidal Hasan, who carried out the shooting at Fort Hood; Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter; and Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor who leaked classified data on the Internet before seeking asylum.

However, Hillary Clinton’s camp has yet to react on the issue of her use of email and handling of classified information, NBC reported. According to the FBI Director James Comey, the Democratic nominee’s workflow was “extremely careless.”

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