Hillary Clinton Health: ‘Fit To Serve’ As Next US President

Hillary Clinton Health: ‘Fit To Serve’ As Next US President
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Ever since Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared to have collapsed during a September 11 ceremony on Sunday, a lot of stress has been put on the health conditions of the two presidential candidates.


A comprehensive letter detailing Clinton’s health was released by her physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, on Wednesday.

The two-page letter revealed that the former Secretary of State was in good health following her diagnosis of pneumonia.

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Hillary Clinton health: Physician says Democratic presidential nominee is in good health

In her summary of Clinton’s health, Dr. Bardack notes that the Democratic presidential nominee was evaluated on September 2 “for a 24-hour history of a low grade fever, congestion and fatigue. On examination, she was noted to have a temperature of 99.4; her vital signs were otherwise normal as was her physical exam. She was advised to rest, put on a short course of antibiotics and continued on her allergy medications for an upper respiratory tract infection in the setting of her seasonal allergies.”

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On September 9, the doctor said, Clinton underwent “a non-contrast chest CT scan, including a CTA calcium score.”

“The results of the CT scan revealed a small right middlelobe pneumonia; her coronary calcium score was again zero,” the letter reads. “[Clinton] was treated with antibiotics for pneumonia and advised to rest.”

The note goes on to say that Clinton’s “current medications include Armor Thyroid, Coumadin dosed as directed, Levaquin (for a total ten days), Clarinex, as well as B12 as needed.”

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Hillary Clinton health: Democratic presidential nominee ‘fit to serve’?

“Her recent testing, all of which was done within the past month, has been normal,” the note says. “She remains up to date on all of her immunizations.”

In the letter, Dr. Bardack concludes that Clinton is “in excellent medical condition” and “fit to serve as president.”

The letter in its entirety can be read here.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Clinton will campaign on Thursday with an appearance in North Carolina.

Dr. Bardack’s summary of Clinton’s health comes in the wake of her nearly collapsing following a September 11 ceremony in New York. According to a statement issued by her campaign, Clinton felt overheated.

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  • kgbgb

    There was no “nearly” about it. The media have been seriously misleading the electorate about what happened. Some have talked about her being “pushed” into the van, as if she still had some control of her body but was not doing the right thing with it. Others have talked about a “stumble”, as if she were trying to do the right thing but did it incompetently.

    In fact they dragged her inert body into the van.

    The original video at https://twitter.com/i/videos/tweet/774993814025011200 is high-enough resolution to be enlarged considerably and still be clear. Enlarge it so that screen is taken up by the bollard she is resting against and the one to its right, and play the video. The secret service personnel block your view of her torso, but not her feet. As they move her body forward into the van, the feet just drag along behind, flopping from side to side, with the uppers of her shoes scraping along the ground and the soles facing towards you. Either she was unconscious, or she had completely lost control of her lower body.

    Incidentally, at this magnification, you will see something appear to drop out of her pant-leg. There has been a lot of speculation about what it was, but the speculation is moot. The object actually started out on the ground, and was accidently kicked upwards against Clinton’s leg by one of her attendants.