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Hillary Clinton Hand Gestures Interpreted! What’s The Secret Message?

Hillary Clinton Hand Gestures Interpreted! What’s The Secret Message?
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Hillary Clinton Hand Gestures Interpreted! What’s The Secret Message?

In a video, Hillary Clinton was caught using hand signals to moderator Lester Holt so he could ask her to counter the comments of Donald Trump during Monday’s first Presidential Debate.

In the video, one can see the breakdown of Clinton’s hand movements, which were done so Holt can call on her to comment and acknowledge Trump’s comments.

According to True Pundit, the former secretary of state was seen scratching her nose and face to signal Holt multiple times. Videos of early speeches, campaign appearances, and the former First Lady’s 2008 debate performances against President Barack Obama were reviewed by the publication to find out if these movements were administered by her before.

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But analysis confirmed that she had never previously used these gestures. The publication reported that she rarely touched her face.

Before this revelation, plans to rig the debate 28 days before the event were leaked.

The theory behind the video was supported by the Poker World Champion Mike Matusow. He wrote on Twitter: “Wow ive watched the debates 3 times & never noticed!! I felt the whole time she had the questions but after watching that i she def signals.”

On the other side of the story, Democrats were extremely worried last week about the tightening poll numbers. And due to that, there was tremendous pressure on the Democratic nominee to reacquire her stand in the first debate against Donald Trump on Monday.

However, since the debate finished, the Democrats expressed a sigh of relief, according to The New York Times.

“He just ran out of gas,” said a veteran Democratic strategist and lobbyist, Steve Elmendorf.

“If we had a person who lacked stamina last night, it was Donald Trump.”

Elmendorf also pointed out that Trump lacked determination as he was not even aggressive in attacking Clinton on her email practices or the Clinton Foundation.

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